Technically, you can always profit from chiropractic treatment.

It is however particularly advisable to make an appointment in the following situations:

- if you have acute pain

- after an accident

- if you have lasting unexplainable symptoms 

- if you are pregnant, to prepare for birth 

- to supervise an infants development

- to prepare for athletic competitions or events

- if you want to check on your health

Chiropractic treatment works like tuning an Instrument or dental prophylaxis. You may not notice, but our body lives and changes all the time.

Being able to move without restrictions is key for healthy and happy individuals. Every day our body has to manage complex tasks concerning our posture, movement and handling gravity. 

Because many blockades only cause pain a lot later, they often stay unnoticed for a long time. As chiropractors, it is our job to maintain your health so that you can live up to your full potential.



After medicine and dentistry, chiropractic is the third largest health care profession in the world. To become a doctor of chiropractic (DC), you have to study at an accredited college for six years.
Currently, there are about 100.000 active practitioners from which only 150 live in Germany.
These colleges follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization WHO. In Germany, a university that is recognized by the WHO or the CCE (Council on Chiropractic Education) does not exist yet. That is why here, compared to other countries, this profession is still quite rare. 

At Cabinet de Chiropratique you will only be treated by highly experienced chiropractors who have each studied for six years. 

The first time you visit us, we want to get to know you better and gain information about your medical history (anamnesis). Please take possible laboratory results, medical reports or photos resulting from imaging procedures with you so that we can obtain a better understanding of your physical and mental health. 

After having gotten an impression of your situation and problem, we will carry on with a physical examination. This normally includes an analysis of your posture, gait, flexibility, movement and the functioning of your muscles as well as a neurological and orthopedic examination and special chiropractic tests.

Afterwards, you will receive your first, individual chiropractic treatment.
The first appointment usually takes 30-45 minutes.  

The first appointment includes a detailed anamnesis and the first treatment.This takes about 30-45 min and costs 100 euros for the adults, 85 euros for the children under 18y old. The following appointments take normaly 15 min,  cost 75 euros for the adults and 60 euros fo the children.

Statutory health insurance partly subsidises chiropractic treatment because we bill according to the Non-Medical Practitioner Fee Ordinance (Gebührenordnung für Heilpraktiker - GebüH). To know for sure, you should ask your health insurance to what extent the costs for chiropractic treatment are subsidised. 

Private health insurance usually covers the costs.
Since you pay in advance for our treatment, you do not have to transfer the money.
A prescription from the doctor may be necessary for billing health insurance. 

Chiropractic treatment is possible and useful at every age. 
Our patients are between two days and 90 years old.
We can respond to your individual physical needs with a variety of different treatment methods. 

So-called 'resetting' is a misleading term. If vertebrae really get dislocated, it is a neurosurgical emergency. This has nothing to do with chiropractic treatment where you give gentle manual impulses to loosen subluxations of the spinal column, the pelvis or the jaw. 
Chiropractors call this 'adjusting'. It is precise tuning of the musculoskeletal system.

Our treatment methods are safe, pain-free and very effective. 

As the situations and complaints are different for each patient, you can not give a universally applicable number of required appointments.
Our experience over the past 20 years, however, has shown that you will already feel a noticeable difference after the first appointment. 
After two to four treatments, you will feel a lot better.
The body needs about two to four further treatments in the next four months to stabilise this progress.
In order to successfully maintain this condition, we subsequently recommend two or three follow-up appointments a year. Although, as we stated above, this number varies with each patient.  

Are you in pain?
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