Alexander Technique

Grow conscious control in your movements

Release holding tensions and unfold your posture

Optimise physical effort during all daily activities

Enjoy ease of emotion, quiet alertness and task efficiency

The F.M. Alexander technique is a method of self-care used to re-educate ourselves in letting us move the way we are bodily designed to;

The practise of it trains to execute all of our movements in a way which is more functional, ergonomic, efficient, simply more tuned with the structural bio-mechanisms of the human body in motion;

We build the ability to emancipate from our psycho-physical habits, and to induce overall muscle release, allowing ourselves to apprehend and execute any daily task and activity in the best dispositions.

No previous body knowledge or movement training is required for this universal technique to trigger ease of motion, pain relief, and postural improvement.




"It's not about what we do, it's about how we do it."

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