Sports Chiropractic

Many professional athletes trust their chiropractor's ability to examine, treat and advise them before and during competitions. Nowadays, even competitive and recreational athletes use the opportunity to improve their performance and support the body's complete regeneration through chiropractic. Like stretching, chiropractic is inevitable for athletes. 

In competitive sports, it often happens that you hurt yourself or put too great a strain on joints and other parts of your body. In these situations, it is crucial to have adequate treatment to prevent complications or permanent damages and to enable a quick recovery.

We can detect at an early stage if you have malpositions or a wrong posture. Especially in sports, these problems can lead to serious injuries. Therefore it is necessary to identify and correct them as soon as possible preventing injuries and assisting in the process of regeneration. 

"A miracle is a result that far exceeds the means used to achieve it."


We do not only want to improve your performance but enable you to maintain it for as long as possible. That is why we examine our patients very closely. 
In order to diagnose severe or chronic injuries, we evaluate imaging procedures like CT or MRT as well as examining the body's integrity and biomechanical, neurological Funktions with chiropractic methods. We give athletes who consult us targeted strategies for improving their physical performance and positively influencing their health which they can easily integrate into their day-to-day life. Additionally, the personal treatment plan includes measures to prevent further injuries. It is our objective to make sports accessible and enjoyable for everyone at any time of their life. 
Our team has also been passionately engaged in many different sports and can, therefore, diagnose, treat and give advice based on not only their expert knowledge but also their personal experience.

"We have a set goal: improving your performance!"

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