Chiropractic for Infants and Children

Every birth is a small miracle in itself. Dr Dominique Hélias devote himself to taking care of the newborn and its parents with much sensitivity, gentleness and empathy. 

The health of your children is not a coincidence, but the sum of multiple factors such as healthy nutrition, love and affection, enough exercise, sleep and as little stress as possible. The well-being of your child is also dependant on the way it was born.

Chiropractic can help infants and children with birth defects. Through the extremely stressful process of being born, sensitive structures of the infant's head and neck can be strained. This is normal and if treated early on can be easily corrected with gentle and pain-free treatment. That is why we recommend taking your baby to an examination during the first few weeks. The neurological exchange between the brain, the spinal cord and the rest of the body is extremely important for the newborn's motor and cognitive development as well as its well-being. 

"Each beginning bears a special magic."

-Hermann Hesse

Contact us if you have questions or uncertainties. We would be happy to advise you. For the past 20 years, creating ideal conditions for the development of children and parents has been the focus of our work. Our doctors are certified members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). 

"With a lot of gentleness..."

The time in which your newborn is a baby is very short. It soon becomes a child, developing and learning at a rapid pace. It is almost impossible to prevent minor falls and injuries while playing, climbing, experimenting and jumping around. This is completely normal. Nevertheless, it is important to regularly make sure that nothing stands in the way of your child's health, well-being and optimal development. The Cabinet de Chiropratique is a place where children can play, draw and explore in a relaxing environment.
Due to Dr Hélias's ability to quickly establish a good relationship with children, our young patients remember treatment as a fun and pleasant experience. For over 20 years, we have treated infants and children. Therefore we have been able to accompany some of our patients from an early age up to adulthood.

"A child is an angel
whose wings shrink to the same extent as its feet grow."

-a french proverb

Our Work our Passion

Before treatment, it is important to discuss your child's development and the reason for your visit to Cabinet de Chiropratique. We want to get to know even our youngest patients as well as possible to be able to respond to their needs in the best and most efficient way. Changes in the child's behavior, such as its ability to learn or concentrate and its sleeping patterns are good indications for the necessity of treatment. Furthermore, it is essential to take a look at the child's posture and skeletal development. With gentle adjustments, we can correct issues like malpositions, misalignments, scoliosis or problematic developments of the mandibular joint.

We will inform you about all the details: what will be treated, how many appointments will be necessary and our prognosis for the success of chiropractic treatment.
Even small changes can have a big effect on the body. If through chiropractic treatment, a joint can move freely again, it can lead to the relaxation of the adjacent muscle and therefore normalize the posture.

Every chiropractic treatment holistically effects and sustainably benefits the integrity of the musculoskeletal nervous system. At an early stage, abnormalities mostly stay unnoticed by children and can easily be treated. To detect problems early on, we recommend coming for regular inspections. This is similar to dental prophylaxis and ensures the healthy development of your child, from which it will benefit its whole life. Our gentle, manual treatment techniques are acknowledged by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

"The best thing is assuring you that your child can fully blossom"

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