Chiropractic during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time. Structural and hormonal changes challenge the body of an expectant mother in unique ways. It is more important than ever to have a well- functioning nervous system to ensure a good position of the baby, a well balanced hormonal system and a trouble-free pregnancy with as little tension on the uterus as possible. Chiropractic restores the balance of the nervous system during pregnancy. Some pregnancy issues are normal while others are caused by a postural imbalance which can be corrected through chiropractic, preventing headaches, insomnia and other typical problems during pregnancy without using medication. 

"Dear patient, our Cabinet de Chiropratique would like to wholeheartedly congratulate you on your pregnancy."

Our practice is particularly specialized in treatment during pregnancy, birth preparation, and infant care. 
We will help you regain your natural mobility and release tensions with gentle manual techniques. Chiropractic treatment positively influences the stability of the spine, joints, ligaments, tissues, and pelvic muscles so you are as well prepared as possible for your big day.   

"The way in which your baby is born is crucial for its further development"

Chiropractic offers a natural possibility of managing exceptional challenges during pregnancy and birth. We will accompany and support you from the first weeks of pregnancy up to childbirth. Besides taking care of the mother's health and well-being we will always keep an eye on the child's development and position in the mother's womb.
It is our passion to help and support expectant mothers with our expertise. It is not only our goal to ensure an as pleasant pregnancy as possible but also to effectively prepare you for natural birth without complications. 

"Oh mother, keep your child warm,
The world is cold and bright,
and carry it piously in your arm,
on the threshold of your heart"

-Clemens Brentano

As members of the International Pediatric Association Dr. Hélias,DC, and Dr. Delaby,DC are certified to treat pregnant women. Both of them have mastered the Webster Technique, a special chiropractic treatment for when the baby remains in a breech position. 

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